I’m a very enthusiastic and detail-loving amateur photographer, I love analog photography but I shoot more digital these days since it’s more about “having instant pics” vs “having to wait and having a chance photos turn out bad or completely useless”.

If you’d like to meet up and talk about photography, or get a photoshoot at one of the cons I’m at, let me know , maybe we can find something!


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Why knowing your gear is half the goal

Once upon a time there was a furcon It was at the Eurofurence furry convention that i first got my photography interest really sparked, and I started to catch on to the professionals, bought new gear, enjoyed it and loved it to bits really. One time i felt the curious cat in me and took my Yashica MAT 124G with me to EF to shoot some nice 400 ISO Fomapan 6x6 negatives!
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