Welcome to my website!


This is the small part of the internet where I can show off some of the stuff I do and make, maybe you’ll find something useful or interesting!

You’ll probably know who I am if you landed here, if you don’t, feel free to check out my About page!

If you reference my projects or build something I share here, please let me know! I’d love to see or hear about it!

Kenwood Tube Rig

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Welcome to my website! I’m trying to build a website here to show a few projects of mine and may someone will find them useful someday! For writing this website i’m using HUGO, which is a really nice markdown to html framework, check it out here! Thank you for reading, i’ll be on my way and onto builing this thing! Alright, lemme use this as a test page :D codeblocks are a really nice thing right?
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