Ham/Amateur Radio

I’m a licenced amateur radio operator since December of ‘19, and i really enjoy learning and using new knowledge about RF electronics and Antennas!

Below you can find some stuff about projects i built and other interesting stuff!


DVPi DMR network transceiver I recently stumbled upon DVPi , which is a very decent and fast developed ham radio DMR (Brandmeister) network transceiver, which means it directly transmits and receives data over the internet by using ethernet alone -> No radio emission! First I thought that can’t really be true that you can get a nice DMR base station for the price of a RPi and a 30€ 3,5" LCD display, but decided to try it and was very pleasently suprised by it!
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Me and my amateur radio licence I should probably tell you why and how I got my amateur radio licence! In Austria it was suprisingly hard to get ahold of someone responsible for giving the terms and dates for amateur radio tests since we don’t have that many applicants so they can’t fill a whole test regularly. So first you apply and then wait till a bunch of people apply for a test and they make up a date if they have 5-ish applicants.
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