Me and my amateur radio licence

I should probably tell you why and how I got my amateur radio licence!

In Austria it was suprisingly hard to get ahold of someone responsible for giving the terms and dates for amateur radio tests since we don’t have that many applicants so they can’t fill a whole test regularly. So first you apply and then wait till a bunch of people apply for a test and they make up a date if they have 5-ish applicants. The question catalogue can either be obtained for free from the austrian telecommunications agency BMVIT as a pdf file, linking it here is a bit hard since they move the link and update versions regularly. The problem I found with that pdf file ist that it is black and white, really wierdly written and not really enjoyable to use it as study material. You can obtain the question as a print from the ÖVSV online shop, along with a Q&A card game, which is really well written and thought out IMHO.

If you want to become a ham in Austria I would totally recommend checking Willhaben for used books, check if they’re the proper year and match your study class. The test itself is an oral test, three people each ask you five questions IIRC, and there’s no fixed passmark but rather a judgement based on quality and accuracy of your answers.

Sidenote: Totally go for the CEPT 1 class as you don’t need to study much more then for the others, but get a lot more freedom and allowance then the other classes of ham radio operator licences.