English Muffins that are super easy to make and very tasty! 🥯🧁

Time required:

  • Total:
    • 3.5h
  • Passive:
    • 2h
  • Detailed list:
    • 2h for letting the dough rise 💹
    • 10-15m for initial fusion of stuff 🌌
    • 1h for baking them in a pan 🍳 (seems long, is not really!)
    • 20-30 mins for them to cool 😎


  • Dry:
    • 500g all-purpose flour
    • 1 teaspoon sugar
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • Half a cube of yeast (or one pack of dry yeast)
    • 40g lukewarm butter
  • Wet:
    • 200ml lukewarm milk
    • 130ml lukewarm water

Start by mixing your dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, yeast, butter) in a big bowl (big enough for the dough to rise!). Then add your wet ingredients (water and milk) to the bowl and mix/knead the mess until it has pizza dough consistency.

When you feel like you formed a proper dough, scoop it into a big ball, making it big and round (more flour helps lots!) and slap that thing down into your bowl. Let the ball (and maybe yourself?) rest for 1.5h with a towel over the bowl since you don’t want any of the tasty to escape! 👻

Spread some flour on your working surface so nothing sticks down when you start working your dough! (if you feel like kissing your neighbors garden hose, you might have chosen the wrong pack of flour… or the right one?) Roll out your dough with a thickness of about 1cm (or 0,393701 inches if you’re into feet, i don’t judge) and use a cookie cutter or a mug to cut out round discs of dough. Spread out the discs onto a clean surface to let them rest for another 30 minutes. 💤 (I don’t recommend skipping this step.)

Preheat your biggest pan on low to medium heat, add a light covering of oil and start baking your discs, approximately 10 minutes per side 🌡 Lightly cover the other side of the muffins before you flip them, makes it easier to keep them oily! Let the tasty treats cool down on a air-passing surface to avoid making them sad and soggy, recommending a oven rack for that. 🧊

Final step: Enjoy!

I love english muffins with a bit of butter, then raspberry pi jam or ham and cheese, if you’re feline fancy maybe even an egg.

Please do enjoy this recipe, and do contact me and share your experience with the recipe with me!