I just got a spectrum analyzer!

Since i drift more and more into radio stuff, i decided to go ahead and get a spectrum analyzer to build and calibrate radio equiptment.

I found a used HP 8591A for 650 bucks, haggled the seller down to 550 and that was the deal!

At the moment i’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail so i can finally play with it! I also saw it’s missing the calibration cable, which it just a ~30 cm long N to BNC cable, probably RG58 or the like. I have some RG316 here from aliexpress that should do the trick! We’ll see i guess.

Update 09.12.2020

I had the HP spectrum analyzer for a while now and i have to say i’m quiet happy about it, works like a treat, not sure how good the internal reference oscillator still is, might get a 10 MHz GPSDO or rubidium reference.