Kenwood TS-515S

This is an old tube rig i got for free from a german amateur radio operator, because they cleaned up a club’s basement, and this radio seemed too useless to keep.

The good thing is, i have a free and totally awesome boatanchor tube radio!

The bad thing is, it’s missing the essential PSU, which puts out some relatively high and unusual voltages like 900VDC for the anodes of the power amplifier stage.

Since i don’t have it, i need to build something similair to use it.

I’m probably not gonna use its TX parts since i don’t have the space and need for 300W SSB/CW, but it’d be very nice as a RX unit.

Here you can see the whole setup, on the left is the PSU, on the right you can see the rig.

Power Supply

The original PSU has the following voltages and current outputs:

Voltage Current
940 VDC 8 mA
300 VDC 8 mA
220 VDC 2 mA
150 VDC 85 mA
-88 VDC 15 mA
13,7 VDC 2,5 A
14,2 VDC 1,5 A

That’s a lot of HV stuff!