LGBTQ+ torch trinket project

First of all: Thank you for visiting my website and especially this site!

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Now that we have that out of the way:

What is it?

It’s a lovely small USB powered gadget, meant to be fun and supportive to LGBTQ+ folks, and as a bit of a covid distraction for myself.


  • USB type A (for power)
  • USB type C (for power)
  • 12 LEDs, fixed color (pride flag!)
  • RGB slow fade LED (to represent anyone else in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, can be disabled if wanted!)
  • Pocket-sized

What does it cost?

PWYW (pay what you want) —> Recommendation for 5-10 Euro (6-12 USD) per board.

With a donation of more then what a board is worth, others that cannot afford it, have a chancethey can get one from me for free.

You’re also covering my basic costs in parts and materials.


The images are renders it’s what i have for now. The LEDs are gonna be:

  • RED 🔴
  • ORANGE 🟠
  • GREEN 🟢
  • BLUE 🔵
  • VIOLET 🟣

two of each color side paired together, aswell as one RGB autofading LED.

Would you want one? Fill out the form at the end of the page!

Timeline approximation:

Beginning of june ‘21:

  • PCB design ✔
  • Part selection ✔
  • Part and PCB order ✔

Mid june ‘21:

  • IRL LED color selection ✔
  • LED brightness matching ✔
  • PCB soldering 〰

Late june to early july ‘21:

  • Collecting adresses
  • Collecting shipping cost
  • Start shipping when at least 50% of orders are done

The above mentioned timeline is an approximation and changes will be made. This website serves as a general overview and project description, for urgent or detailled information please contact me directly.

Current supporters in no particular order:

  • Zotan
  • Ferixfox
  • Seth
  • xssfox
  • VulpesAutomata
  • Cato
  • Dustin Williams
  • Mina Darsh
  • Luminous
  • Junaos
  • Baeo
  • Jamu
  • Kollie
  • Ashlyn
  • Ryuuie


Received LEDs, did some testing, need to adjust Brightness and ordered two LEDs in the wrong package. Not such a big deal since the colors of the LEDs that are the right package seem to fit better.

Selection of colors done, need to re-order resistors due to brightness matching, aswell as red LEDs since tomato red doesn’t seem to fit the scheme too well.

Received PCBs, test soldered a few which turned out to be working! We have a working prototype! It’s just really to hot here to do any work, especially with anything involving heat ATM. Current temperature is 36°C.

Properly matched LED brightness, fixed a pinout error in the red LED, currently cleaning up in the workshop so i can solder the first non-test boards and make them final! The USB-C connector seems to be really hard to solder due to shifting under heat/mechanical force, misaligning the pins and causing shorts, need to be very careful. I’ll try and make them ASAP and then ship them after filling out the tax forms and collecting addresses, had a lot to do in the last weeks, I’m sorry if I’m behind the promised timeline! 🖤

Started soldering some boards, have three working ones, setup seems to have certain issues. Solder paste smearing and causing shorts again. Will keep trying and fulfilling orders.


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