HTC Vive

VR is mad awesome, super fun and really immersive!

I got myself a used HTC Vive from a local website where you can buy and sell used goods, it’s

I really love how it feels, and i’ll document some of my problems and tweaks here!

Problems and solutions:

  • Cables are far too short!

    The included cables were far too short for my setup (which really is an awkward one needless to say!), but i managed to get and extension cable and run it as usual!

  • Where do i put it if i don’t use it?

    The thing with the vive is, don’t leave it laying around with the lenses facing up, or you’ll run into problems like accidently burning your display permanently! Instead you should invest into, or build a proper mount, or store it somewhere safe. I 3D printed myself a wall mount for the HMD (head mounted display) and the controllers.

Valve Index

Update 28.1.21

I sold my HTC Vive and got myself a Valve Index for an upgrade. Now you might be asking yourself “Why would you do that?” and I get that. My main reason for an upgrade was image sharpness and audio problems, which both were fixed with that upgrade so i’m happy! The Vive is pretty dope, don’t get me wrong! It’s just that i cant really use any scopes or even worse, iron sights with the vive in H3VR for example! The image resolution would be fine but the HMD fit, aswell as the focus and image adjustability are just not really as nice as in the Index. With the Vive i couldn’t really see what i was doing, whcih is not really good in a type of game like H3, since you have a lot of fine visuals like the firemode selector or the safety. All in all i’m pretty happy, loving the controllers, although i really recommend printing the grip spacers for them if you have medium or above-sized hands. If you feel like your thumb resting position and general fit is not really on par, check the grips out! They can be had for free (if you have a friend that prints them for you!) or as little as 10-20 EUR if you have to pay for them! 10/10 Upgrade with the grip spacers!

Q&A things here, might help you out!

What did you use for extending the Index cable?

Per recommendation on the reddit VR cable extension post i bought a CableMatters 10m active DP to DP cable (not an extension!) and a cheap-ish DP coupler! Results are a bit of visual “snow”, like noise here and there, definitley not really noticable in half decently bright worlds, need to really focus on the dark spots to see the noise.