Here you can see some of my projects and a few interesting pics and/or documentation of it!

LGBTQ+ torch

LGBTQ+ torch trinket project First of all: Thank you for visiting my website and especially this site! Now that we have that out of the way: What is it? It’s a lovely small USB powered gadget, meant to be fun and supportive to LGBTQ+ folks, and as a bit of a covid distraction for myself. Features: USB type A (for power) USB type C (for power) 12 LEDs, fixed color (pride flag!
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Git hooks with Windows, gitea and linux! I run and host a small gitea git server on my own server locally, and wanted to implement git hooks for this very website and gitea, so that the following prodecure would work flawlessly: Make change to website git add/commit git push git hook on webserver started git clone from gitea run hugo serve static data to public website I had some problems with this, especially on the windows side (don’t ask why i have to use windows 😋), but i finally managed to fix those and now it works like a charm!
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HTC Vive and Valve Index

HTC Vive VR is mad awesome, super fun and really immersive! I got myself a used HTC Vive from a local website where you can buy and sell used goods, it’s I really love how it feels, and i’ll document some of my problems and tweaks here! Problems and solutions: Cables are far too short! The included cables were far too short for my setup (which really is an awkward one needless to say!
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HP8591A spectrum analyzer

I just got a spectrum analyzer! Since i drift more and more into radio stuff, i decided to go ahead and get a spectrum analyzer to build and calibrate radio equiptment. I found a used HP 8591A for 650 bucks, haggled the seller down to 550 and that was the deal! At the moment i’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail so i can finally play with it! I also saw it’s missing the calibration cable, which it just a ~30 cm long N to BNC cable, probably RG58 or the like.
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Kenwood 515S

Kenwood TS-515S This is an old tube rig i got for free from a german amateur radio operator, because they cleaned up a club’s basement, and this radio seemed too useless to keep. The good thing is, i have a free and totally awesome boatanchor tube radio! The bad thing is, it’s missing the essential PSU, which puts out some relatively high and unusual voltages like 900VDC for the anodes of the power amplifier stage.
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